Website Update

Well I finally got around to updating some of this site. I’ve changed the color scheme to black and white to hopefully modernize it and make it easier to read. I am not a web programmer by any means, so I crawl my way around WordPress to get things close to how I want them to look.

Besides the color scheme change, I’ve changed the content and menu structure of the homepage. The new header consists of 3 images over the old header of the constellation of Orion. On the left is the new logo I designed for Transit Dreams observatory. The interior of the T has a NYC “Transit” subway map, and the D has a “Dream” scape sky scene. In the center is a screen shot from the Astrometrica software I use to make the asteroid astrometry measurements. On the right is a view of the telescope, mount, and camera setup inside the observatory.

I’ve also started on the Observatory page, adding some of my thoughts as I was building the observatory and assembling the dome, as well as numerous photos of the construction. As I get caught up, I’ll add more on the process.

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