The Transit Dreams Observatory has been planned in my mind and heart for a long time. The name and the dream will come to fruition as a result of my successful 25 year career with the New York City Transit Authority, thus the name “Transit Dreams”.  It was there that my vision and planning for retirement to a home in the country began.  A place where I could look up at night and see the Milky Way galaxy glowing across the night sky, with space to build an observatory to store and use my equipment.      

The type and size of the observatory has evolved over the years of dreaming and it wasn’t until recently that I finalized my plan. It started as a simple roll-off roof observatory.  The final Observatory is a 10 foot Home Dome on a 10’6″ x 10″6″ x 6′ square building.  The final considerations were the excessive dew during the night, and walking space with head room for occasional visitors.  The observatory will be primarily used photographically for scientific work with asteroids, some pretty picture astro-imaging, and occasional visual operation for visitors.  The photographic operation has been automated to some degree, but is not completely robotic.  You will find my planning ideas and construction photos on the “observatory” page.