New Comet!- Comet C/2017 O1   A new comet has been discovered on images captured on July 19th by the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae.  The comet designated C/2017 O1 by the MPC, will grace our skies this fall.  It … Continue reading

TDO Reaches 50 Asteroids Sometimes the weather and the Moon don’t cooperate in our quest to measure faint NEO’s and provide useful data that can refine their orbits.  Located in Southeastern United States, Transit Dream Observatory is subject to high … Continue reading

New Menu New menu items have been established for the website.  The data menu item is supporting sub-menus for the Asteroid data and Comet data measurements recorded and reported to the IAU Minor Planet Center.  The measurements with the “xxx” … Continue reading

Horsehead Nebula- IC434                         The Horsehead Nebula (IC434) is located in a the constellation of Orion at the end of Orion’s Belt, near the bright star Alnitak. It is … Continue reading

Asteroid (111253) 2001 XU10 Asteroid (111253) 2001 XU10 is an Apollo class asteroid, name for the first asteroid discovered in this class (01862) Apollo.  This class of asteroids are Eartth crossers which means thay can pass very close to Earth … Continue reading