Asteroid Data Updated Time has finally permitted me to update the summary observation data for my asteroid measurements.  To date I have measured 149 asteroids, with 523 measurements.  The data is in spreadsheet form, and includes links to the MPC … Continue reading

Clearing Skies and Fast Asteroids It’s been a good week for Transit Dream’s Asteroid astrometry program. A few days of reasonable weather has allowed me to dive back into imaging some of these solar system wanderers. My goal is to … Continue reading

Asteroid (0070) Panopaea Asteroid (0070) Panopaea is a main belt asteroid.  It is approximately 22 kilometers long by 2 kilometers wide.  Discovered in 1861, it orbits the sun in 4.23 years and rotates in 15.87 hours.  It was imaged and … Continue reading

Asteroid (136108) Haumea Asteroid (136108) Haumea was imaged and measured at TDO on May 16,2017.  (136108) Haumea is a dwarf planet, in the plutoid class, discovered in 2004 at Palomar Observatory.  Two small moons were found to be orbiting Haumea … Continue reading

Asteroid (7194) Susanrose Here is an image of one of the asteroids I measured while conducting my asteroid astrometry program on May 15th. The images used to derive the measurements, shown at the lower right in the photo, consisted of … Continue reading