TDO Reaches 50 Asteroids Sometimes the weather and the Moon don’t cooperate in our quest to measure faint NEO’s and provide useful data that can refine their orbits.  Located in Southeastern United States, Transit Dream Observatory is subject to high … Continue reading

Asteroid (0070) Panopaea Asteroid (0070) Panopaea is a main belt asteroid.  It is approximately 22 kilometers long by 2 kilometers wide.  Discovered in 1861, it orbits the sun in 4.23 years and rotates in 15.87 hours.  It was imaged and … Continue reading

New Menu New menu items have been established for the website.  The data menu item is supporting sub-menus for the Asteroid data and Comet data measurements recorded and reported to the IAU Minor Planet Center.  The measurements with the “xxx” … Continue reading

Horsehead Nebula- IC434                         The Horsehead Nebula (IC434) is located in a the constellation of Orion at the end of Orion’s Belt, near the bright star Alnitak. It is … Continue reading

Asteroid (111253) 2001 XU10 Asteroid (111253) 2001 XU10 is an Apollo class asteroid, name for the first asteroid discovered in this class (01862) Apollo.  This class of asteroids are Eartth crossers which means thay can pass very close to Earth … Continue reading

Asteroid (136108) Haumea Asteroid (136108) Haumea was imaged and measured at TDO on May 16,2017.  (136108) Haumea is a dwarf planet, in the plutoid class, discovered in 2004 at Palomar Observatory.  Two small moons were found to be orbiting Haumea … Continue reading

Asteroid (7194) Susanrose Here is an image of one of the asteroids I measured while conducting my asteroid astrometry program on May 15th. The images used to derive the measurements, shown at the lower right in the photo, consisted of … Continue reading

M42- First Light image inside Transit Dreams Observatory This image of the Great Orion Nebula was captured as a test of the pointing and tracking of the MX+ mount.  It’s a combined total of 15.5 minutes exposure in LRGB. ES127 … Continue reading

Transit Dreams Observatory awarded code W33 from the Minor Planet Center This announcement is late, but I wanted to share it with our friends here who don’t follow us on Facebook. I am proud to announce the International Astronomical Union’s … Continue reading

Website Update Well I finally got around to updating some of this site. I’ve changed the color scheme to black and white to hopefully modernize it and make it easier to read. I am not a web programmer by any … Continue reading