New H-Alpha Gallery A new H-Alpha image gallery has been added to the gallery pages, under the Nebula tab.  This gallery contains monochrome images using the 7nm Orion H-Alpha filter. You’ll notice a new format for this gallery.  This format … Continue reading

Monkey Head Nebula NGC 2174/2175 consists of the  Monkey Head emission nebula, and its associated star cluster.  It is approximately 6,400 light years distant, located in the constellation Orion. The top image is the Ha image as processed in Photoshop.  The second … Continue reading

Asteroid Data Updated Time has finally permitted me to update the summary observation data for my asteroid measurements.  To date I have measured 149 asteroids, with 523 measurements.  The data is in spreadsheet form, and includes links to the MPC … Continue reading

M31 Andromeda Galaxy The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest large galaxy, 2.5 million light  years distant  from the Milky Way.  Both galaxies are part of the local group of approximately 25 galaxies, that include M32, M110, M33, and many dwarf … Continue reading

NGC 6992 (Eastern Veil) A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Wild Acres Star Party in Little Switzerland, NC.  This star party is sponsored by the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers and is an extension of the Southern … Continue reading