M31 Andromeda Galaxy The Andromeda Galaxy is the closest large galaxy, 2.5 million light  years distant  from the Milky Way.  Both galaxies are part of the local group of approximately 25 galaxies, that include M32, M110, M33, and many dwarf … Continue reading

NGC 6992 (Eastern Veil) A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Wild Acres Star Party in Little Switzerland, NC.  This star party is sponsored by the Charlotte Amateur Astronomers and is an extension of the Southern … Continue reading

NGC 7331 and the Deerlick Group The NGC 7331  galaxy group, better known as the Deerlick group, consists of NGC 7331 (10.2),the main galaxy at 40 million light years distant, and NGC 7335 (14.5), 7336 (15.6), 7337 (14.5)  and NGC 7340 (15.4). … Continue reading

Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN1)- motion video   Here is a video created with the (40) 90 second images stacked into the image shown in the previous post.  The comet was moving at 2.8 arc sec/min as it passes its closest … Continue reading

C/2017 O1 (ASASSN1) Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN1)  reached perihelion on October 14th, and be closest to Earth on October 18th (today), at a distance of about 75 million miles.  The image above was captured and measured on October 17th, and … Continue reading

NGC 7635 (Bubble Nebula)   The Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) is an emission nebula in Cassiopeia. It is about 10 light years across and lie about 8000 light years distant. It was formed from a Wolf-Rayet star who’s stellar wind … Continue reading

LDN 1369 I haven’t had much time for pretty pictures, with the inhospitable summer weather, and my focus on the asteroids. I wanted to share something I started working on at the beginning of this year, but haven’t had the … Continue reading

Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 HDR Image of the eclipsed Sun.  Regulus is to the left of the Sun. This image of the “Diamond Ring” was affected by the high cirrus clouds This image shows the solar prominences that … Continue reading

Clearing Skies and Fast Asteroids It’s been a good week for Transit Dream’s Asteroid astrometry program. A few days of reasonable weather has allowed me to dive back into imaging some of these solar system wanderers. My goal is to … Continue reading

Young Imagers at Roper Mountain Astronomers One of the best parts of the hobby of Astronomy is spending time with others who share your interests. In addition to imaging from Transit Dreams Observatory, when the weather permits, I am also … Continue reading