Monkey Head Nebula

NGC 2174/2175 consists of the  Monkey Head emission nebula, and its associated star cluster.  It is approximately 6,400 light years distant, located in the constellation Orion.

The top image is the Ha image as processed in Photoshop.  The second image was processed the same way, but the popular red tone in the Ha image was added using Caboni’s astronomy tools, a set of plugins for Photoshop.

When I have the opportunity, I hope to add a few more hours of Ha data, and RGB for the star colors. 

Below is the capture data:

Object: NGC 2174/2175 Monkey Head Nebula
Constellation: Orion
Telescope: ES127mm F7.5 APO Refractor
Mount: Paramount MX+
Camera: ATIK One 6.0
Filters: Orion 7nm Ha
Guide Scope: OAG
Guide Camera: SBIG STi
Total Integration: 80 minutes
Image Capture: SkyX camera addon
Guiding: SkyX
Stacking/calibration: MaximDl
Post Processing:Photoshop CS5


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